Summary of changes

See git log for a more detailed summary of changes.


0.7.0 (2017-04-04)

  • Updated to support notebook 5.0
  • Fixed clipping at cell boundaries


0.6.0 (2016-06-17)

  • Switch to the v1 dashboard layout specification
  • Automatically upgrade existing notebook metadata to the v1 spec
  • Update example notebooks for compatibility with jupyter_declarativewidgets 0.6.0
  • Remove urth moniker in favor of jupyter_dashboards for CSS classes, notebook metadata, etc.
  • Fix gaps in grid when hiding cells


0.5.2 (2016-05-11)

  • Fix report layout reset when switching between dashboard layout and preview

0.5.1 (2016-05-11)

  • Hide errors from declarative widgets in dashboard layout and preview
  • Fix the state of the show code checkbox in layout view when switching layout types
  • Fix history window slider widgetin the community outreach demo
  • Fix missing imports in the declarative widgets scotch demo
  • Fix copy/pasted cells receive the same layout metadata
  • Fix lost cells in report layout after clear and refresh
  • Fix layout toolbar button default state

0.5.0 (2016-04-26)

  • Add report layout for simple top-to-bottom, full-width dashboards
  • Add buttons to move a cell to the top, bottom, or notebook order in layout mode
  • Make compatible with Jupyter Notebook 4.0.x to 4.2.x
  • Fix bokeh example race condition
  • Fix browser scrolling when dragging cells in layout view


0.4.2 (2016-02-18)

  • Fix code cell overflow in layout mode
  • Fix scroll bars that appear within cells of a certain size
  • Fix hidden cells from being cut-off in layout mode
  • Fix failure to load extension JS in certain situations
  • Fix meetup streaming demo filter box
  • Update to Gridstack 0.2.4 to remove a workaround

0.4.1 (2016-02-07)

  • Fix gridstack break with lodash>=4.0
  • Remove notebook 4.1 cell focus highlight in dashboard preview
  • Hide stderr and errors in dashboard preview, send them to the browser console

0.4.0 (2016-01-21)

  • Separate pip install from jupyter dashboards [install | activate | deactivate]
  • Match the Python package to the distribution name, jupyter_dashboards
  • Fix cell overlap when one cell has the minimum height
  • Prevent stderr and exception messages from displaying in dashboard modes
  • Update demo notebooks to stop using deprecated UrthData.setItem from declarative widgets.


0.3.0 (2015-12-30)

  • Make compatible with Jupyter Notebook 4.1.x
  • Remove all download and deployment related backend code in. Refer users to the separate jupyter_cms and jupyter_dashboards_bundlers packages for these features.
  • Keep compatible with Jupyter Notebook 4.0.x


0.2.2 (2015-12-15)

  • Revert to old config hack to remain compatible with jupyter_declarativewidgets and jupyter_cms (until they change too)

0.2.1 (2015-12-15)

  • Fix errors on install when profiles don't exist
  • Fix styling leaking out of dashboard mode

0.2.0 (2015-12-01)

  • Default to showing code instead of blank cells in layout mode
  • Add menu items for packed vs stacked cell layout
  • Make compatible with Jupyter Notebook 4.0.x
  • Make compatible with jupyter_declarativewidgets 0.2.x
  • System tests using Selenium locally, SauceLabs via Travis


0.1.1 (2015-12-02)

  • Backport of UX fixes from 0.2.0
  • Keep compatible with IPython Notebook 3.2.x
  • Keep compatible with declarative widgets 0.1.x

0.1.0 (2015-11-17)

  • First PyPI release
  • Compatible with IPython Notebook 3.2.x on Python 2.7 or Python 3.3+