Developer tasksΒΆ

This document includes instructions development environment for the dashboards layout extension. It also includes common steps in the developer workflow such as running tests, building docs, etc.

Install conda on your system. Then clone this repository in a local directory.

# make a directory under ~ to put source
mkdir -p ~/projects
cd !$

# clone this repo
git clone

Create a conda environment with the necessary dev and test dependencies.

cd dashboards
make env

Install the necessary JS dependencies. Re-run this command any time your bower.json or package.json changes.

make js

Run a notebook server with the dashboard extension enabled.

make notebook

Travis runs a small set of UI smoke tests using Selenium on Sauce Labs on every merge to the git master branch. You can run these tests locally if you install Selenium.

# install selenium first, e.g., on OSX
brew install selenium-server-standalone
# run the smoke tests
make test

ReadTheDocs builds the project documentation on every merge to git master. You can build the documentation locally as well.

make docs

Run make help to get a full list of development tasks.