Getting started

This document describes some of the basics of installing and enabling the dashboards layout extension.


  • Jupyter Notebook >=4.2 running on Python 3.x or Python 2.7.x
  • Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Installing and Enabling

The following steps install the extension package using pip and enable the extension in the active Python environment.

pip install jupyter_dashboards
jupyter dashboards quick-setup --sys-prefix

Run jupyter dashboards quick-setup --help for other options. Note that the second command is a shortcut for the following:

jupyter nbextension install --py jupyter_dashboards --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_dashboards --sys-prefix

Alternatively, the following command both installs and enables the package using conda.

conda install jupyter_dashboards -c conda-forge

Disabling and Uninstalling

The following steps deactivate the extension in the active Python environment and uninstall the package using pip.

jupyter dashboards quick-remove --sys-prefix
pip uninstall jupyter_dashboards

Note that the first command is a shortcut for the following:

jupyter nbextension disable --py jupyter_dashboards --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension uninstall --py jupyter_dashboards --sys-prefix

The following command deactivates and uninstalls the package if it was installed using conda.

conda remove jupyter_dashboards

Legacy Notes

If you installed the dashboard extension against Jupyter notebook 4.0 or 4.1, you may need to manually remove this line from your file when uninstalling or upgrading: